Jura Superautomatic Espresso Machine Service Request

     We only do Complete Refurbishment. When a single component needs repair, it's usually time for a complete refurbishment as round-trip shipping and disassembly & cleaning are a large portion of the cost, and if a second repair is needed shortly after the first, the combined total can exceed refurbishment alone.
     Our Refurbishment Process begins with complete disassembly, then the infuser (brew group) is rebuilt, boiler(s) descaled, plumbing seals replaced, grinder cleared out, moving parts lubricated, critical parts rebuilt/replaced as needed, housing and all loose parts meticulously cleaned inside and out and the cup grill buffed. Then, all functions/features are tested, adjusted and verified for perfect operation.
     Some electronic problems can be fixed during refurbishing, but defective controllers and/or power boards cannot. We can discuss any issues of concern prior to refurbishing and we will also contact you if any issues arise during refurbishing that may increase the original cost or render the machine irreparable.
     Pricing starts at $435 + return, insured shipping (delivery signature required), and increases based on size and/or complexity of the unit. Broken or missing parts are not included in the price but can be replaced (if available) for additional cost. Turnaround time is usually within one week of receipt, but may increase depending on our workload. While we have most common parts for repair in stock, other parts may require special order which will increase turnaround time, especially if sourced from overseas. As always, you will be informed beforehand.

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